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Date and time is TBD


Location is TBD

BWN - August Monthly Meeting

Join our BWN August Monthly Meeting

BWN - August Monthly Meeting
BWN - August Monthly Meeting

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the event

Black Women Networking International (BWN) Monthly Meeting

Join us for the Black Women Networking International (BWN) monthly meeting, a dynamic and empowering gathering of professional Black women from diverse industries. Our mission is to foster a supportive community where members can connect, collaborate, and thrive.

Event Highlights

Networking Opportunities

 Engage with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and build valuable relationships that can help propel your career or business forward.

Guest Speakers

Each month, we feature inspiring guest speakers who are leaders in their fields. They share their insights, experiences, and strategies for success, providing valuable knowledge and inspiration.

Workshops and Seminars 

Participate in interactive workshops and seminars designed to enhance your skills, whether it's in leadership, entrepreneurship, personal development, or other key areas.

Business Spotlights

Discover and support Black women-owned businesses as members showcase their products and services, offering exclusive deals and opportunities for collaboration.

Mentorship and Coaching 

Benefit from mentorship and coaching sessions with experienced professionals who provide guidance and support tailored to your personal and professional goals.

Why Attend?

Empowerment:  Surround yourself with a community that celebrates and uplifts Black women, providing a platform for shared experiences and mutual growth.

Growth:  Access resources, knowledge, and connections that can accelerate your career or business development.

Inspiration: Be inspired by the achievements and journeys of fellow members and guest speakers, sparking new ideas and possibilities.

Support: Find a safe space to discuss challenges, seek advice, and gain encouragement from a network that understands your unique experiences.

Who Should Attend?

Professional Women: Whether you're in corporate, nonprofit, government, or any other sector, BWN offers valuable insights and connections.

Entrepreneurs: Business owners at any stage of their journey can find support, resources, and potential partnerships.

Students and Graduates: Young professionals looking to build their networks and gain career insights are welcome to join and learn from seasoned professionals.

Meeting Details

Time: TBD

Location: Various venues (check our website for the current month's location)

Registration: Members attend free; Non-members can purchase a guest pass

Join us at the next BWN monthly meeting and be part of a powerful network of Black women committed to excellence and mutual success. Together, we rise!

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