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We are here to celebrate, support, and elevate you in your professional journey. Whether you are executives, leaders, advocates, supporters, interns, students, professionals, new beginners, or dreamers, we are here to welcome you and help you succeed.


Our goal is to support your business ventures and help you reach the next level of success. This group was created to unite and break down barriers related to race, creed, and color. Together, as businesswomen, we start and build businesses, and we also assist existing women entrepreneurs in growing their businesses.


Let's work together and make our mark in the business world.


The mission of BWN (Black Women Networking) is to Unite, Edify, and Empower as we women from various professions, business backgrounds, and cultures. The purpose of connecting and building this uniquely designed organization is to mutually benefit each other in creating a community of like-minded women of color, to be the very best at what we do, and as a result change the negative images portrayed in society of us. BWN opens opportunities to grow and stand out in a crowd, but most of all, to have a voice that can be heard around the Globe. BWN’s overall mission is to provide resources for women and children abroad to succeed in life as a whole person on different levels, and catapult them into a destiny designed for greatness.


B.W.N., now at a national level, with presence in 20 Top major cities in the U.S., will be moving progressively into an international organization. We will achieve this goal through seminars, retreats, conferences, books, broadcastings, radio and tele conference calls to name a few. B.W.N. will offer mentorship, training, and coaching to all women and kids of color using these resources to have a promising future in avenues beyond their current reach.

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