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  1. The Black Women Networking International (BWN) is an organization dedicated to supporting and empowering Black businesswomen around the world. BWN stands for the following core principles and objectives.

  2. Unity and Collaboration: BWN was established with the belief that Black businesswomen can achieve more together. It fosters a sense of unity and collaboration among its members, creating a supportive community where women can work together to achieve their common goals.

  3. Inclusivity: BWN is open to Black women from diverse backgrounds and industries. It aims to create an inclusive environment that welcomes women at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey, whether they are just starting out or have been in business for many years.

  4. Business Expansion: BWN is committed to helping its members expand their brands and businesses. It provides resources, tools, and opportunities to assist Black businesswomen in growing their ventures and reaching new heights of success.

  5. Positive Impact: BWN emphasizes the importance of making a positive impact on the communities its members serve. It encourages socially responsible business practices and community engagement, with the understanding that Black businesswomen can be a force for positive change in society.

  6. Networking and Support: The organization facilitates networking opportunities, mentorship programs, and a platform for members to connect and learn from each other's experiences. BWN recognizes the power of a strong support system and encourages its members to provide guidance and mentorship to one another.

  7. Professional Development: BWN is committed to the professional development of Black businesswomen. It offers educational resources, workshops, and events to help members enhance their skills, knowledge, and leadership capabilities.

  8. In essence, the Black Women Networking International is a vibrant and dynamic network that stands for unity, growth, and empowerment, aiming to provide Black businesswomen with the tools and connections they need to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship while making a positive impact on their communities and beyond.

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